Digital Marketing Lifestyle and current Pandemic

Opportunity to Live life and earn a respectable living

In the current global pandemic situation, people losing their jobs or getting pay cuts is the new norm of the day. Social Distancing has made us a social animal, to an isolated individual. Amidst this confusing situation like other netizens are wondering about their survival, and balancing their emotional quotient, I was wondering about my future too.

Search begins…….

So I started searching for a job opportunity where I can earn balancing the work & my personal life.

My work expertise lies in pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing, involving 90% of my physical effort into fieldwork and visiting hospitals to meet doctors who happen to be my premium clients. However, the current scenario has restricted my movement thereby losing my job. This compelled me to look out for different job opportunities.

I came across various offers like Insurance advisor, Multilevel Marketing, etc but what attracted me the most was Digital Marketing. One of the reasons for this attraction could be my early learning of digital space a couple of years prior. Also, the fact that this kind of job will help me achieve a perfect balance between my work and personal life.

New Opportunity and Ray of Hope

While I was browsing opportunities in the digital marketing space I landed upon this ad by Innomind Digital Marketing Academy by Mr. Syed N, this ad instantly attracted me as their biggest USP is “ Earn While You Learn”.

In quest of knowing more about the program, I enrolled for one of their LIVE webinar session on 9 July 2020 and understood their unique way of making us learn the digital concepts and how can they guide us step by step to earn our living while we continue to become a certified digital learner. However, due to unavoidable circumstances, I could not join the July batch.

However, the zeal in me to learn more about digital space kept me intrigued and I often struck a conversation with Mr. Syed out of curiosity, and there comes the day when I joined the October 2020 batch.

And the Journey begins…

It was our first day of the session on 10 October 2020 and I was very nervous as I was getting back to the whiteboard after almost 5 years, and to be honest, my school days learning still haunts me to date. It was amazing to see a lot many people joining the session and ready to transform to a student again and this built a lot of confidence in me.


  • Stay in the Game be committed.
  • Never give up.
  • Learn to make decisions.
  • Never ask “ why “ but ask “ How”.
  • Be a Team and Progress ( together we can and we will).

The experience of week 1 was very Professional and was crisply designed in a way that even people who don’t have any previous knowledge of Digital Marketing will understand the process easily.

We learned the important aspects of Digital Marketing i.e.

  1. Niche clarity for people having their own business and those looking out for Jobs may skip the same.
  2. Marketing Funnels concerning Digital Marketing and its importance in terms of Client or customer acquisition which includes 4 important stages
  3. TOFU the Top of the funnel which is the awareness stage where you get the widest audience who are least ready to convert to sales but are interested
  4. MOFU the Middle of the funnel where the customer is in the consideration stage and may already be a qualified sales lead
  5. BOFU the bottom of the funnel where the audience is narrowed down to MQL ( Marketing Qualified Leads) and SQL ( Sales Qualified Leads) where real sales happen to lead to the generation of revenue.
  6. Brand Evangelist customers to whom we can sell new products and or get new clients.

The teaching skills were evident that taught us how to assign each tool to draw the audience towards each section of the funnel and how to follow up with the same.

We got introduced to new visual collaboration software and it is very challenging how to use Miro Mind map to plot the Sales funnel.

Also, we learned to use Grammarly and Medium to create blog posts in the right manner and with help of Unsplash and Giphy websites to make our blog more attractive for the reader to devour the content.

The best part is to get an assignment with deadlines and the assurance of help from Mr. Syed to review the same gives lots of confidence in moving ahead in the path of the Digital Marketing lifestyle

Overall the journey is highly encouraging and looking forward to a roller coaster ride ahead.

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